Valley of the Sun United Way - Vello

Valley of the Sun United Way - Vello
Early Learning (Ages 0-4), Elementary (Ages 5-10), High School (Ages 14-18)
Digital Inclusion Services:
Free online tutoring for grades K-12.

Vello is a 1:1 tutoring program from United Way that matches tutor teams with local classrooms for guided reading support. Vello mobilizes passionate professionals to tutor students in reading through a safe and secure digital setting. Together, students and tutors read e-books using super simple screen sharing and audio. Services in Spanish are contingent upon the availability of Spanish speaking tutors.

Step 1:
Local Companies sponsor a classroom and form a tutor team of passionate professionals. Vello provides a background check, training, and full-time support so everything stays simple and easy.

Step 2:
Teachers post schedules and access teaching tools on the Portal. Then, tutors login to the classroom schedule and sign up for a 30 min reading session. Volunteers commit to one session each week. The Vello Portal provides ongoing support, data tracking, and simple cancellation and notification settings for all Vello users.

Step 3:
Tutors click a link to connect to sessions from their email or calendar – just like a webinar conference. The assigned Vello students will join from a secure computer inside their classroom. Through this simple screen share and audio, tutors and students read e-books, complete comprehension quizzes, and write summaries.

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