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“This service really means a lot to me. Big thank you to Connect Arizona. Your help and patience have been wonderful. I would not have been able to learn Excel and complete my assignments without your tutoring. Your staff is very kind.”


Student. Through sessions and practice with our tech tutors has been able to learn MS Excel and complete assignments.

“Wow! This is one awesome service. I can’t tell you how much getting help from people who care has meant to me this past year. I battle a lot of different things in my life and you really have been a positive light to me. I know I can call or email you and get help right away. I struggle with learning and the repeated tutoring has helped me keep my head on straight and keep all this crazy tech knowledge. Could not have gotten my businesses up and running without you.”


“Very gracious help. I appreciate the patience and all the effort of the Connect Arizona staff. I don’t feel very comfortable with phones and computers, but I know I can get assistance with you and that you’ll work through things with me. It’s very comforting to know there’s somebody out there to help.”


“Hey, this is a really awesome program. You all have been a big help to me. I’ve learned so much about LibreOffice and Google Docs and Amazon and a whole bunch of clever workarounds and troubleshooting to get things done. Appreciate the patience and all the great navigators. I hope this service can continue for a long time. People need a place or program to learn about tech with quality teachers, and this is it. Big thanks again for helping with my books!”


“This is a great service! I’m really busy with class and work and having to learn something new on my own or deal with a glitch on a site can really set me back. With Connect Arizona I can just call or text and get help and tutoring right away. Love that there isn’t a wait and that I talk to a friendly person! So helpful.”


20-year-old student at ASU. Through sessions and practice with our tech tutors has been able to master Zoom and ASU's student portals.

“All these tech things and this new world can be scary, you know? It’s really good to know that there’s a program out there that can give friendly help to people. I used to hate trying to do things on my iPad and now I really enjoy it. Because I feel confident in myself to use it. I have family far away and it’s really a joy to be able to talk with them in my living room – just like they were here. I wouldn’t have been able to learn like I have without the help of this team. Thank you so much for this!”


“Thank you to Connect Arizona for all the help! This program has been a godsend for me. I’ve never felt comfortable working with a computer, but now I know I can. Their team is so patient and easy to work with.”


“I heard about EBB and didn’t know where to look. Going through some of these sites can be a real jungle. Really appreciate the help from Connect Arizona. They got me to the exact site I needed to apply on and gave me helpful information on if I qualified and what I needed for documents. Also good information on my Internet provider and the best deal with them. This program really had my back!”

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